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Scope of Misconduct

What is meant by MISCONDUCT of the enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies? According to subsection 24(1) of Act 700, types of misconduct are as follows:

  1. any ACTION TAKEN or NOT TAKEN by an enforcement officer or law enforcement agency which:
    • is contrary to written laws;
    • is unreasonable, unjust, oppresive or inappropriately discriminatory;
    • is done on an improper motive, or irrelevant reason or consideration;
    • is based on an erroneous law or fact; and
    • Reasons should have been given but not issued.
  2. failure to follow the rules and procedures laid down by law or by the relevant authorities; and
  3. any criminal offence committed by an enforcement officer or law enforcement agencies.

Examples of misconduct:

  • Complaint by complainant was not taken properly where the officer receiving the complaint failed to record the details provided by the complainant.
  • The investigation took too long and the complainant were not informed about the status of the investigation despite contacting the investigating officer repeatedly.
  • The investigating officer delaying the investigation.
  • The charge is imposed without taking full account of the facts of the case and the applicable law.
  • Enforcement officers making instructions that benefit certain parties.
  • Untimely closure of investigation paper (No Further Action), 1-3 days.
  • Enforcement agencies do not take action to apprehend the criminals despite their widespread crimes have been reported and the perpetrators have been identified.