Complaint Line

03 - 8880 5651 / 5625/ 5627


The eight (8) main functions of the Commission as provided under subsection 4(1) and (2) of Act 700 are:

  • 01 to receive complaints of misconduct from the public against an enforcement officer or against an enforcement agency in general and to investigate into and conduct hearing on such complaints;
  • 02 to formulate and put in place mechanisms for the detection, investigation and prevention of misconduct by an enforcement officer;
  • 03 to protect the interest of the public by preventing and dealing with misconduct of an enforcement officer;
  • 04 to provide for the auditing and monitoring of particular aspects of the operations and procedures of an enforcement agency;
  • 05 to promote awareness, enhancement, and education in relation to, integrity within an enforcement agency and to reduce misconduct amongst enforcement officers;
  • 06 to assist the Government in formulating legislation, or to recommend administrative measure to the Government or an enforcement agency, in the promotion of integrity and the abolishment of misconduct amongst enforcement officers;
  • 07 to study and verify any infringement if enforcement procedure and to take any necessary recommendations relating thereto; and
  • 08 to make site visits to the premises of an enforcement agency, including visiting police stations and lockups in accordance with the procedures under any written law, and make any necessary recommendations relating thereto.