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Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) would like to invite suppliers / contractors who wish to participate in the invitation quotation / tender registration with the Commission.

Suppliers / contractors that can provide supplies / services below are encouraged to apply:

  1. Printing - reference materials, bags, t-shirts etc.
  2. Stationery and office requisites
  3. Catering services
  4. Rental of audio systems and audio requirements
  5. Services / transcription
  6. Training services
  7. ICT requirements
  8. Gifts
  9. Maintenance / refurbishment of office space
  10. Maintenance / repair of office equipment
  11. Furniture and office equipment
  12. Equipment needs electrical / electronic
  13. Other office supplies


Please fill out the information below to register:

Enter the registration number of your company.
(if any)

Please submit the document and email to or fax 03 8888 6526 (Attn: Procurement Unit, Finance Section)

        a) Certificates of Incorporation (SSM)
        b)    Bumiputera Company Registration Certificate (Ministry of Finance)
        c)    Company Registration Certificate (Ministry of Finance)
        d)    Appendix A - List of field codes (Specification Supply of Goods)

For any inquiries or further information regarding the tender / quotation please contact the Procurement Unit, Finance Section at 03 8888 6513.